Wall Of Fame

At Sit Dog Cafe we treasure you choosing us and want to celebrate your visit with us. As part of this ideal, we have created a wall of fame!

How Does It Work?

It’s simple just follow these instructions….

  • Choose something that has excited you about your visit
  • Take our polaroid camera from the stand, aim your shot and take the photo (try to only take one as the process is expensive)
  • Take the permanent marker from the stand, and write your name(s) and the date at the bottom of the photo
  • Pin your photo onto the wall of fame

Ideas for photos…..

  • Your dog in an amazing pose
  • Your family
  • Something great your child has done during the visit
  • A particular plate of food someone in your party has enjoyed
  • Your dog enjoying something from the doggy menu
  • And sooooooooooooo many more!

Why is this great?

  • We get to see and celebrate amazing things about your visit
  • You get a special record of the visit
  • You can look for your friends and family on the wall every time you visit
  • We can upload the photos to social media and celebrate them even more

Doggy of the week/month

Any photos of dogs will get entered into our doggy of the week and doggy of the month awards. These will then be celebrated on social media and prizes given!!!

note: by pinning a post to our wall of fame, you give permission for the photo to be posted on the cafe wall, and for us to use it in social media.

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