Family Friendly

At Sit Dog Cafe we are MASSIVELY family friendly! We can’t wait to meet you and your children! As well as being designed for dogs, we also designed the cafe with children in mind. Here is what we have to offer for the smaller people in your family…….

Huge, Safe, Outdoor Space

We have around a 5th of an acre in outdoor space comprising of grassy areas, patio and also barked areas. Oodles of space for your children to enjoy and soft surfaces so they can’t hurt themselves if they fall! The garden is completely secure and little people cannot escape! We all know that children love to be outside. We have lots of outside, undercover areas comprising of 3 open barns and a fantastic stretch tent. This means that no matter what the weather, if your children want to be outside we can keep you dry or shaded. In cooler weather we will even put out fleecy blankets for you to keep cosy too.

Engaging Toy Boxes

As our sister company is Wise Owl Nurseries, we know a lot about play and the importance of interaction with others. We have toy boxes which have been put together especially to encourage family play. Our toy boxes have been designed to appeal to people of all ages, and in fact you don’t have to be a child to pick one up and have fun! The games in the toy boxes have been chosen to be understood, enjoyed and played by the whole family and include games such as:

  • Dobble
  • Jenga
  • Playing Cards
  • Uno
  • Dominoes
  • Colouring Books And Pencil Crayons

You may also find a few surprises in there too! Lots to do – and if you build something amazing with the lego, we would love you to photograph it with our polaroid camera and stick it up on the Wall Of Fame.

Little Pups Menu

Our Little Pups, or children’s menu has been designed by child development experts to be both appealing to children, but also healthy and nutritious. Check out the Little Pups menu here

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