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We have taken extra care to choose our suppliers very carefully to bring you only the very best in coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and cold drinks.

Our speciality coffee is freshly roasted less than 2 miles away from our cafe. Our tea is ethically sourced and comes in a beautiful variety of flavours. The owner of our cafe has a special taste for hot chocolate. As such, we only serve hot chocolate with 60% cocoa to bring you the smoothest, luxurious flavour.

Hot Drinks

All coffees are served with a double shot as standard.

Double Espresso 2.50

Americano 2.75

Flat White 2.85

Cappuccino 2.95

Latte 2.95

Oat/Almond/Soya milk .50

Flavoured syrup .50

Mocha 3.50

Chai Latte 3.50

Macchiato 2.95

Luxury Hot Chocolate 4.00

Add marshmallows and cream .50

Pot of tea 2.50

Teas available: Yorkshire, Moroccan Mint, Earl Gray, Green Tea, Chamomile, Red Berry

Cold Drinks

Harrogate Water still/sparkling

330ml 2.50

750ml 4.50

Coke/Diet Coke 2.95

Breckland Orchard Posh Pop 3.25

Gently carbonated, beautifully flavoured drinks. A real alternative to the “usual” soft drinks, and many of this range are sugar free making them great for dieters and diabetics.

Zero Sugar Strawberry and Rhubarb (8 cals per bottle)

Zero Sugar Elderflower (0 cals per bottle)

Zero Sugar Cloudy Lemonade (5 cals per bottle)

Dandelion & Burdock

Plum & Cherry

Kids Sugar Free Squash 1.00

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