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The picture above is of our own dogs, Ziggy the Cockapoo and Mila the Bichon, and these two friendly balls of fur are the main inspiration behind Sit Dog Cafe.

We found that there aren’t that many places that welcome dogs and as dog lovers, we like to take our dogs everywhere with us. Quite often we would find ourselves searching in a local area for eateries on days out – just trying to find somewhere that would allow our dogs. And if we did find somewhere, it wouldn’t necessarily be somewhere we would choose to eat or spend time.

With this in mind we wanted to create the perfect luxury cafe for dogs!

Dog Cafe Not Just Dog Friendly!

We are a full dog cafe – not to be confused with dog friendly! Everything about this high end eatery has dogs in mind and is designed to be comfortable for both dogs and their owners. Let us explain…..


We have designed our cafe to have lots of space! Instead of ramming tables and chairs in to create maximum covers, we have put in comfortable seating which is spaced out. This means that your dog isn’t simply perched under a small table with no room to lounge. Both you and your dog will have ample space to kick back and relax whilst enjoying both the human and the specialist dog menu.

Huge Outdoor Area

We are extremely lucky that we have HUGE gardens totalling around a sixth of an acre. We have a mixture of surfaces for whichever your dog prefers. We have a grassy area, a patio and also a large barked area. As it is very important to provide shade, we have open barns, and we have also installed an amazing stretch tent.

Seating has been chosen for comfort, and the gardens are landscape designed. This means you, your family, your friends and your dog can enjoy a totally relaxing outdoor dining/drinking experience.

Doggy Provisions Freely Available

On entering our cafe, you will be greeted and shown to a table. Your dog will be offered a bed suitable for it’s size. Our dog beds are washed daily to keep them hygienically clean. You dog will also be brought a bowl of water. There will be a low level bar near the table with a carabiner, on which you can safely hook your dogs lead. We also have a basket of clean towels on hand for you to clean your dog down with after a long walk, and a spritz of our puppy cologne is available to make them smell good too!

Dog Menu

There is a full specialist dog menu for your dog to choose from which includes meals and treats like doggy breakfast, pupcakes and puppachinos. Everything on the dog menu is nutritionally designed for dogs. See here to check out the doggy menu.

Caring For Our Doggy Community

On site we have a full doggy boutique, complete with dog scales so you can check the weight of your dog on your visit. We also have a professional groomer come and do a free of charge, short session once a month on basic home grooming and how to care for your dogs skin, fur, ears, eyes and claws.

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